What is Content Management?

Content is king. Unfortunately, it can be an unruly king.

Organizations publish tons of content on a daily basis – company emails, blog posts, social media updates, online press releases, digital ads, Youtube videos. Often there are different individuals and different departments that are responsible for producing and approving all of these disparate pieces of content. Over time, the sheer volume of content and the number of people involved in producing that content can become one huge, disorganized mess.

That’s where content management comes in. So, what is content management, exactly?


Content Management is a Process

Actually, content management is more like a collection of interdependent processes. The content management process is a standard method for creating, editing, categorizing, and distributing online content. There is no one prescribed way to perform content management. The only important thing is that the content management process be standard and repeated in the same way each time.


Content Management is Tool-Based

Many people equate content management with content management software and systems. I couldn’t disagree more. Tools enable and supportthe content management process, but tools are no substitute for process. If you have a content management tool and no content management process, chances are the same disorganized mess will exist. That said, content management tools are an important part of a good content management process. They can even make defining the content management process easier, since software features will determine what is and isn’t possible. Content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, and LightCMS make the process of creating, organizing, and publishing online content infinitely less time-consuming and more efficient than managing content without adequate tools.


Content Management is Goal-Driven

As with any business process, there should be some goal or intent for content management. Is it to reduce the cost and time of content production? Is it to drive more online revenue through a better website design? By establishing goals for content management, it becomes easier to see the value of the content management process instead of perceiving it as just a collection of tasks and activities.

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